UK Salary Calculator – Out Now!


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UK Salary Calculator for Windows Phone 7 and 8

The UK Salary Calculator is now available to download to your Windows Phone device!

You can view the latest information on this app from the official page for the UK Salary Calculator app here.

Easily work out your take home salary either yearly, monthly, weekly, daily or even hourly using this simple but effective calculator. The UK Salary Calculator app is available for FREEfrom the Windows Phone Store!

Includes pension contributions, Student Loan payments, National Insurance, Blind Disability benefits and age band calculations. Also includes changeable ‘hours worked’ and ‘days per week’ settings so you can work out to fine detail what your expected take home salary is.


Windows Phone Salary Calculator Windows Phone Salary Calculator Windows Phone Salary Calculator Windows Phone Salary Calculator Windows Phone Salary Calculator


UK Salary Calculator has been designed and created by Luke Davis.

Information provided is for illustrative purposes only. Do not make any major financial decisions without consulting a qualified specialist.

Uses location and data roaming services purely for advertising only.

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  1. What about an expenditure app as an add-on.
    Normal things. such as rent, mortgage, rates, car tax, fuel ( based on the input of the user average miles /km per year) this fuel cost, could be linked to a price per litre equation)) insurance, known travel costs ( annual train / bus /tube ) food. Then one could budget for the luxury’s in life. Such as food / drink entertainment/holidays? in other words. The whole shebang for letting peeps know that life is expensive. And that they need to confirm to their boss that their pay rise is justified, or that student loan will not go as far as they thought? BTW great app!

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