Rumour: HTC One M8 for Windows Phone Is Coming…


Well I didn’t see this one coming, seeing how HTC haven’t released a product for Windows Phone for quite a while, but it appears the popular HTC One M8 will be coming to Windows Phone 8.1. Even better news is that the rumoured release date is imminent, with August 21st on Verizon in the US. The name for the device: “HTC One M8 for Windows Phone“.

There’s no denying there are limited options for handsets running Windows Phone currently – the Lumia 930 has just released over here in the UK, whilst the budget Lumia 630/635 are solid low-end candidates – otherwise the outlook is rather bleak. Now with this development not only will Nokia have a high end device, but HTC too. More choice = more competition = more innovation = better for the consumer.

HTC One M8 for Windows Phone

The HTC One M8 is no doubt a great handset marred with an average camera, but if you are looking for an alternative to the Lumia 930 which is on Windows Phone, this is likely it for the next few months. Hopefully this will get confirmed soon by HTC.




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