First Sound Clip of the F1 2014 Engine


Renault today have released a clip of the new F1 2014 engine soundbite, along with the first few snaps of what the engine will look like. You can hear it going through some of the first few gears during acceleration.

F1 2014 Engine 1

...another angle of the new F1 2014 Engine

You can view the original site, with the original F1 2014 engine clip, here:,2630.html?lang=fr


f1 2014 engine energy recovery system

I’m not a fan of the sound – it doesn’t have much grunt compared to what the current Formula 1 engine spec has, but I guess as with all things, you will get used to it. But probably the most alarming for me is that it sounds…well…distant and soulless. These cars are the ultimate racing vehicles – they should sound like beasts but all I hear is a very loud whine. I just don’t like it!

What do you think of the new musical instrument at the heart of Formula 1 from next year?


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